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Central California Cavy Breeders Assoc.

Welcome Nature


This club is located in Santa Barbara County, California.  We are a New club just starting out. 

A few breeders located in Santa Barbara County want to start having Cavy Shows closer to home.  We wanted a place where both the North and South could Show together without having to drive to far. 

We are in the process of changed our web site to a new address so if you CLICK HERE and it will take you to our new site

Check Out What's New?

We are having aour first Cavy Show in conjunction with the Channel Island Cavy Breeders.  March 13, 2004 in Ventura at the Ventura Fairgrounds. For more information go to our Up Coming Shows page. Please plan on attending the next meeting to find out more.  Everyone is welcome.


Our New Web site Address is
Please check it out.

Next Meeting
We are trying to plan a meeting for the Month of January 2004.  If you are intrested in attending the meeting or joining the club please email Sherrie Hunt at  We would be happy to have you attend one of our meetings.

Pet Show!

If you didn't get to come to our pet show this past weekend, (Aug 23, 2003)  make plans not to miss out on the fun next year!  It was a blast!  The costume class was a big hit and we plan on having pictures very soon. Even the weather couldn't have been any better. We met some wonderful people and saw some beautiful pigs. Some of which, if put on the table, will give some of you breeders a run for your money! So keep checking back and as soon as we get them posted we'll let everyone know. I wish you all could have seen the proud faces of the kids when they got to show off their furry friends, it would have made your heart smile! Bye for now.  

Sherrie Hunt, President.

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Central California Cavy Breeders
Santa Barbara County, CA